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Green Valley High School Music Center

When you hear the words “Green Valley,” you imagine a verdant landscape surrounded by a harsh, sometimes unforgiving environment. The idea of a calming oasis is the inspiration for the design of the Green Valley Music Building. Two large, faceted desert buildings envelop a soothing communal space within, providing an “oasis in the desert.” Students leave the sweltering desert climate behind as they enter the campus through this tranquil gateway. Designing the space required thoughtful consideration and creative planning. The Green Valley Music Building is an architectural composition of three faceted formations gathered as an ensemble to form the new Music Campus. The unique shape of each form is a reflection of the natural desert valley materials and is designed to craft the ideal acoustic quality specific to each performance space. Students also experience ascending views through the skylight ceiling, connecting them to the larger desert-like forms and the overhead canopy designed to optimize natural light based on the orientation of the sun.

Location Henderson, NV

Status Completed-Unbuilt

Client Clark County School District