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241 West Charleston Boulevard, Suite 145
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102


325 West Huron, Suite 510
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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One Mindset

We’re helping define a world we want to live in.
When beautiful ideas emerge, they become powerful instruments for change.

Our approach to the craft of architecture is simple: we believe in creating environments where people thrive, and culture and communities can flourish. Aptus observes the world with a broader lens than just the narrow focus of each project’s general considerations. We open our eyes to the design possibilities and explore how to make the architecture come alive.

Aptus has the foresight to plan for the future
and the expertise to direct the approach
for every built environment we design.

A legacy of foreseeing client needs and creating innovative design solutions embodies who we are — and how we move forward. Relationships with clients are built on trust, respect, commitment and mutual success. When they succeed, we succeed and the world is a better place.