Las Vegas

241 West Charleston Boulevard, Suite 145
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102


325 West Huron, Suite 510
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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Our Roots

All in a Name

We’re often asked about our name. We chose it because it’s how we approach design, architecture, environmental challenges, planning and execution. We have the experience and energy to create architecture that is the best fit for everyone and everything, in every diverse situation encountered.


What We Value

Passion and humility are our traits, joy is our guiding light, and community is uplifted with our work.



Idea to outcome and all of the conversations in between, having fun along the journey fills us with joy.



Combining curiosity and caring in a relentless search for the right solution.



Consideration of others and the team before self. Creating an environment where all voices collaborate toward common goals between us and our clients.



We value thriving, sustainable communities–from home to office to neighborhood–working to create deeper connections that strengthen communities.

A Little History

R. Brandon Sprague, FAIA, was born in Las Vegas and got his master’s degree in Architecture from University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL. He lived in Chicago for years in the ‘90s, building his career and forming strong business relationships that endure today. Eventually, he moved home to Las Vegas, where he founded Aptus in 2003. Never one to rest when he could run, it was those same strong relationships that inspired Brandon to open an Aptus office in Chicago in 2015.

Aptus Chicago Office
Aptus Las Vegas Office